Holmatro Products
PCT50 Combi Tool
PCT50 combi tool on white background
PCU50 cutter on white background
PCU50 Cutter
PTR50 ram on white background
PTR50 Ram
PCT60 Combi Tool
PCT11 Combi Tool
PSP60 Spreader
PSP50 Spreader
PCU40 Cutter
PCU60 Cutter
PTR40 Telescopic Ram

Pentheon Battery Tools

Working under pressure, in a race against time, first responders need rescue tools they can fully rely on. It is for these men and women that we have developed our Pentheon Series: hydraulic rescue tools that are miles ahead of all other rescue equipment on the market.

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5050i cutter on white background
5050 i Cutter
5332 ram on white background
5332 Dual Piston Ram
5150 EVO3 on white background
5150 Combi Tool
5370 ram on white background
5370 Telescopic Ram
CORE combi tool on white background
5111 Combi Tool
Spreader on white background
5250 Spreader
HCT combi tool on white background
5111 HCT Combi Tool
DR200 on white background
Door Ram DR200
SR20 PC2 pump on white background
SR20 PC2 Pump
SR40 electric on white background
SR40 Electric Power Unit

CORE Tools

CORE Technology is a revolutionary turning point in rescue tool technology. More than just a new tool, hose or pump it is a new hydraulic system that fundamentally changes the extrication process. When lives are at stake, it’s all about speed and safety.

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High Pressure Lifting Bags
Vehicle Stabilization Strut
High Pressure Air Control Set
Low Pressure Lifting Bags
Power Shore Packages

Lifting and Stabilization

Shoring and stabilization tools designed to help you to safely and effectively stabilize a vehicle or construction.

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Special materials cutter on white background
SMC5006 Special Materials Cutter
Concrete cutter on white background
CC23 Concrete Crusher
4007 mini cutter on white background
4007 Mini Cutters
HDO100 Door Opener
HMC8U Mini Cutters

Specialty Tools

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